web 2.0

"Wiracocha!  Hi!
I can't WAIT for you to see what the internet's about to become over the next 10+ years of your life.  It's all user-driven social media.  People post updates, some many times a day, about what they're doing, what kinds of things they're eating, what places they're at, all of it with open comments activated for everyone else to weigh in with their own thoughts, experiences and opinions.  High quality pictures, music and videos are easily createable and so there's a near infinite stream of new content created every day and easily promoteable to anyone in the entire world by anyone in the entire world.  News outlets, celebrities, politicians and award-winning scientists are on the same user platforms as the church-going soccer mom and the guy working at the grocery store: they all have an equal voice and an equal weight to their words!
How exciting it will be for you to see communication develop in this way!

i hope i’m dead in ten years then, that sounds horrible


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