"Hi there wiracocha1
I want to ask this guy out at work but I can't think of any good date ideas.  I know he's single and he's giving me all these signals but he's real shy so I know if anything's going to happen I'm going to have to plan it.  What's your idea of a good date?
Susie B"

hi Susie B. Anthony.  lol i bet you never heard that one before

oh man, i’m about to drop some serious date science all over you so take notes.  you want a good time, it’s gotta be movies.  i’m not talking about renting anything either cuz then you gotta deal with parents.  remember the word “rent” is in “parent”, good way to keep that straight.  even when they’re cool with you it’s turbo lame cuz you gotta remember not to curse around most of them.  you go to the theater, it doesn’t matter what the movie is.  i got to second base at island of dr. moreau and that movie’s fuckin horrible

dinner and a movie, no, i’m flipping the script and blowing your mind, movie and a dinner!!  do the movie first so then you’re both all like really hungry and that’s when food tastes awesome.  you could go super fancy like Copelands if you got paid or whatever, that’s played out though, do that when you’ve been together forever, like your four month anniversary or something.  i’d say go somewhere nice like Chilis if you want to impress, or go get fast food and eat it at the lakefront to show your date you’re getting REAL.

yeah boy, movie and a dinner, just the creativity alone will impress him, swapping it all up like that.  that’s just one awesome idea, i got like a hundred.  hey you don’t live around me, do you?  i can’t remember ever meeting an ugly susan. 😉 😉 ;D  well if you don’t live around me i guess good luck with the guy.


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